Who is this guy?

I’ve come a long way in my understanding of finance from the days when I thought i-banking was “internet banking” (I really couldn’t understand what an online teller would do). [0]  Growing up in a farm town in Western Massachusetts, my experience of finance prior to starting my career at Morgan Stanley was mainly limited to devising side-gigs to pay for school trips.

After working in investment banking in New York, I have since worked at a variety of financial services companies (including in lending, payment, and nonprofit finance).

I graduated with a degree in History and Literature and Economics from Harvard College, where I wrote my senior thesis on “the unheard history of Muzak” (elevator music). I also have an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

I currently live in San Francisco and work on the Finance and Strategy team at Stripe.

[0] “I-banking”, for those unfamiliar, is “investment banking”, which is the part of a financial services firm that advises its clients (startups, corporations, large nonprofits, and state and local governments) on financial matters, from IPOs to capital structuring to M&A.